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 When was the last time you updated your Will,
 Living Will and Healthcare Power of Attorney? 
 If your answer is ... "more than 5 years" or "I
 don't have one", why don't you get it done
 now?  There's no additional cost, with your
 legal plan membership.

You deserve to have peace of mind and
an affordable way to take care of those
you love.


Identity theft can ruin your life and the life of your
  children in a blink of an eye. Protect your future
  and the future of your children with

You deserve to have peace of mind and work with
experts you can trust!


  Affordable legal and business solutions
  provide small businesses with the
  on-call resources you need to grow
  your dreams.

You deserve support in growing your
bottom line!


  Why are so many companies adding one of the top
  10 fastest growing voluntary benefits to their
  portfolio of benefit offerings, at no cost to their
  company?  Legal Plans and Identity Theft protection
  plans make sense, are requested by employees and
  offer immediate value.  It is a win-win competitive
  advantage for your company and your most valued
  asset - your employees.

You deserve a straightforward benefit that's easy
to administer.


 Attention commercial drivers. Simply put,
 when you need an attorney for personal
 or professional situations in life, you'll be
 glad you have our card in your wallet!

You deserve the protection of a
commercial drivers legal plan!


 Why are so many insurance brokers adding one of the top 10 fastest growing voluntary
 benefits to their list of products?  Legal plans and Identity Theft protection plans make
 sense, offer relevant and have a direct-positive impact on a company's true
 competitive advantage - their employees.

You deserve more than a carrier representative, you deserve an advisor!


 Spreading the word about us can bring great value to
 your association members and your contacts.  With
 each referral, you create the opportunity to add
 revenue to your organiztion. As an affiliate, help
 your peers protect their identity and get the needed
 day to day legal help they deserve. It is a true
 win - win.

You deserve the opportunity to make a
difference in the lives of others.


What we do

For over a decade, Sanders and Sanders Agency has helped thousands of individuals and employer groups experience the value of legal and identity theft plan benefits. We believe everyone deserves the best quality of life. We believe everyone deserves the right information, at the right time. And that is why, we believe creating a world where everyone can access competent legal advice and protection - everyday - is a first-rate profession.

We specialize in offering the services of LegalShield, one of the first companies in the United States organized solely to design, underwrite and market legal service plans to consumers. Sanders and Sanders Agency has assembled a team of professional agents who are your trusted consultants, all highly trained and licensed to serve individuals, small business clients, and employers nationwide. 

Whether you are looking to protect your family, your business, your employees or add these products to your portfolio, as an insurance broker, financial institution or an association, we look forward to meeting your specific needs. You will quickly discover we offer best in class, affordable, value-added solutions for everyone.

Why it works?

For less than $20 dollars a month, LegalShield members have the ability to call dedicated and experienced law firms and talk about whatever they want, whenever they want, without the worry of the high hourly cost; no limits, no surprises. Our legal services and identity theft services remove the worry of high hourly cost because our carrier, LegalShield, has gone through great lengths to partner with a nationwide network of service focused law firms. These law firms are already paid and on-call ready to serve you, our valued clients. Our legal service plans are administered by LegalShield. Our Identity Theft Shield plans, for adults and minor children, are serviced by Kroll Advisory Solutions, the world leading risk consulting company.

LegalShield's BBB Link - Click Here

Kroll's BBB Link - Click Here

Our Commitment to Excellence:

Our commitment is to provide outstanding service to our clients. We believe it begins with a standard of excellence in everything we do. Therefore, what you can expect when working with us is care and attention to you. We provide expert and relevant consultation on how to make the most comprehensive legal and identity theft protection services in the industry work for you. We are always working for you to provide protection, peace of mind, and save you money.

Thank you for visiting with us!

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